Revolutionizing Business Education Swiss University's Electrifying Electrify-Sim Learning Journey!

Revolutionizing Business Education: Swiss University’s Electrifying Electrify-Sim Learning Journey!

In 2021, Elecctrify-Sim collaborated with a Swiss university for an Introduction to Business Administration simulation, catering to approximately 1,000 students annually. The objective was to offer students a practical understanding of key concepts through a comprehensive simulation that engaged them while offering practical insights. Elecctrify-Sim proved to be the ideal solution.


In 2021, a Swiss university faced the task of engaging roughly 1,000 first-year business administration students in a relevant, immersive learning experience. With 30 student groups and only 10 instructors, traditional methods couldn’t provide the personalized, impactful training they desired.

Client’s Request

The goal of the university was to expose students to real-world scenarios by dividing them into 30 groups and having them work on a tailored simulation. To ensure a seamless and effective experience, 10 lecturers needed training in simulation usage before guiding students through the exercise.


Elecctrify-Sim offered the perfect solution with a customizable business simulation platform to align with the university’s key figures, tailoring the experience to meet the specific needs of the business administration curriculum. We collaborated with the university to tailor the platform to their specific curriculum and key performance indicators, ensuring the simulation mirrored real-world business scenarios. This adjustment ensured relevance and maximized the learning impact for students.


  • Instructor Training

Our expert team trained all 10 instructors in the effective use of the platform, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to confidently guide their student groups.

  • Student Engagement

Up to 30 groups of students simultaneously tackled the simulation, immersed in a dynamic virtual environment where their decisions directly impacted their virtual companies’ performance. This hands-on experience offered critical thinking, strategic planning, and collaboration skills.

  • Ongoing Support

Throughout the process, Elecctrify-Sim provided the university with continuous support, answering questions, and troubleshooting any technical issues. This contributed to a smooth student learning experience and a positive overall experience. 

Key Outcomes

  • Increased Student Engagement

The interactive nature of the simulation boosted student engagement, leading to a better understanding of key business concepts.

  • Personalized Learning

Each student group could progress at their own pace, receiving personalized feedback and guidance from their instructors.

  • Real-World Application

The simulations mirrored real-world business challenges, giving students the confidence to apply their newfound knowledge in practical settings.

  • Satisfied Client

The university expressed tremendous satisfaction with Elecctrify-Sim, praising its effectiveness in enhancing student learning outcomes.


This case study demonstrates how Elecctrify-Sim empowers educational institutions to deliver a dynamic, engaging learning experience for their students. By combining real-world scenarios with interactive simulations, we help educators bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing educational experiences and preparing students for successful careers in the business world. 

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