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Finance, Business Acumen and Management Know-How

Attractive and simple-to-use Business Simulations

Teach more than Textbook Concepts, let your Students Apply it in Real Time!

  • Finance Business is an exciting Team Challenge!
  • Complex systems thinking in a playful way!
  • Boost Learning Transfer using New Tools and Methods!
  • Motivate your Students with Gamification!

Introduce your students to the ‘Elecctrify’ Online Business Game. It makes business content understandable for everyone.

How to Work with the Simulation "Elecctrify"?

Elecctrify is a business competition, and each team wants to win. Students work in small teams of 2 to 5 participants, the simulation can accommodate up to 10 teams. From 6 to 50 people, the simulation is flexible.

Decisions to be made by the teams consider pricing, capacity, sales volume, product portfolio, carbon footprint, staff productivity and much more. The simulation gives a realistic impression on management decision-making and the impact on a business.

A full management reporting cockpit provides a wealth of information like P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and a full set KPIs, financial and operational.

Elecctrify is a web-based instructor-led simulation, for online teaching, classroom-style courses and blended learning.

The duration is flexible: A session can cover a one -day live-coaching to prepare for a test, or accompany a 3 months lecture with a weekly assignment.

Elecctrify provides hands-on knowledge in Finance and business acumen in a team-oriented and fun atmosphere.

All Benefits at a Glance​


Our simulation games can be specifically adapted to your learning goals and framework conditions.


Learning together and communicating with one another creates a “we-feeling” and promotes cohesion in the course.


As a college or university, you will receive close support from one of our certified simulation game trainers throughout the training if you wish.


Thanks to our user-friendly interface of the online simulation game, you will be able to carry out training independently soon after learning from us.


We’ll get you fit in no time! This is how you make the events yourself and look good at the same time! You can go from 0 to 100 in 3 hours!


It’s a simple cycle of enjoying what you do, becoming more efficient in it and thus being satisfied that keeps the motivation levels high at all times.

BTI Business Training International GmbH

Your experienced contact for business games & business simulations

BTI Business Training International is not a Start-Up! We know what our customers and their students need for more than 25 years.

Michael and Thomas started the company in 1997, both having a MBA degree and 10 years of consulting practice.

More than 200.000 participants and hundreds of customers from academic and corporate organizations have used BTI’s products and services.

We constantly review content and concepts to meet the need for many academic curricula globally.

BTI is a reliable partner in the learning industry based on the German DNA of quality and perfection.

We just can’t help it…..

Our Values, Your Success


Because our trainers are fit in terms of content, convince people and have many years of professional experience.


Because we keep checking and improving our work and our successes. The better is the enemy of the good!


Because we want to develop, learn and implement new things.


Because we work closely with our customers and know that each customer has very individual needs.

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Did you know?

In addition to the online business game “Elecctrify”, BTI has developed over 100 business games on various topics in a wide variety of formats!

Board simulation games are particularly impressive because of their high level of clarity. Regardless of whether it is a haptic simulation game on the subject of the production process, the cash cycle or project management: even complex interrelationships become visible on a game board.

For example, business processes from production to sales can be simulated: Participants can quickly see where the money is going and where capacities are needed.

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