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BTI business simulations simulate real-world business decisions with the learning objective.

Managers and employees make better business decisions in day-to-day work.

Trainees understand how a company works.

Students learn complex economic relationships in a simple & playful way having fun.

Participants understand the business better and increase their employability.

A company is only successful if everyone pulls together!

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The online simulation game “Elecctrify” has been specially developed for:

Use in Professional Education and Training:

Business know-how for many target groups, broader online offer for coaches, trainers and educational institutes, with additional revenue opportunities and high customer satisfaction

Use in Companies:​

Managers and employees work smarter strategically because they understand their role better,  trainees understand how the business works

Use in Academic Teaching:

Dry business administration theory and terminology becomes an exciting team experience, with high motivation and learning transfer.

Why Are Simulation Games So Popular With Personnel Developers, Professors and Trainers?

Smart Decisions Are Not Based on Knowledge, but on Experience

Why: In reality, there is a big difference between theory and practice, between knowledge and skill!

The best knowledge and the longest training are of little use in practice if the necessary experience is missing.

Through simulation games, managers, employees, trainees and students learn in a very practical and playful way what makes a company successful.

Gain Practical Experience – Without Fear and Consequences

Simply explained: Simulation games are for aspiring and experienced executives like flight simulators for pilots.        

They learn exactly the skills they need every day to become more successful – without risk!

Participants in simulations develop skills that make them more successful in their everyday professional lives.

Managers and employees better assess difficult situations and make better decisions.

Students understand the entrepreneurial component of business administration!

Understanding what counts in business increase the employability of every participant.


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How Does A Training Work With The Online Simulation “Elecctrify”?

Good preparation is the basis for every success. Therefore, we define the individual goals and objectives for the training in advance. Based on this, we create an individual concept tailored to your needs, so that the participants achieve maximum learning success.

Up to about 10 days before the event, we need the email addresses of the participants, so user accounts are set up on the simulation platform “”. Setting up the teams, duration of the event, number of rounds, teaching material is uploaded, a schedule is created, the participants are invited. All data is lying on a German server, compliance with European data protection regulation is guaranteed by BTI.

The event starts with an introduction by the trainer/lecturer with a live webinar in a video meeting. All common platforms can be used here, screen sharing and virtual group rooms are a prerequisite. In the beginning, there is a briefing on how to navigate the online simulation, followed by the first knowledge lesson. Balance sheet, P&L, cash flow, key figures are taught to the participants in the crash course so that they can assess the success of the virtual company. 

The teams now develop strategies and make decisions that are intended to increase the value of each company in the competition. Turnover, profit and level debt are the variables to be taken into account.

After submitting the decisions of all teams, the trainer starts the calculation and the participants receive the results in detail immediately after 30 seconds. After analysis of the results, additional knowledge lessons by the trainer and discussions in the virtual training room, the participants prepare for the next round and make decisions again, up to 10 rounds are “played” in this way.

At the end of the competition, the winning team is determined. The team with the highest company value wins. Finally, the trainer summarizes the most important learnings. Together with the participants, a plan is developed on how the knowledge gained can be used in everyday work. The materials and access to the simulation are still open to the participants for 14 days, then all data will be deleted to comply with data protection laws.

All Advantages at a Glance

Training That Really Works

Our business simulations are not just another boring  theoretical seminar. They use a proven training concept and achieve noticeable changes in real life.

Increase in Motivation

Our simulation games motivate managers, employees, trainees and students in upcoming tasks. They enjoy success, become more efficient and satisfied.


Our simulation games can be specifically adapted to your learning objectives and teaching situation.

Flexible Use

Our online platform enables companies and universities to learn independently of time and location for many target groups. According to learning objectives and available time slots, “Elecctrify” can be carried out in one day or over an entire semester!

Teambuilding and Alignment

Learning together and communicating with each other creates a “sense of togetherness” and Promotes cohesion and alignment

1:1 Supervision

As an instructor, you will receive premium support from one of our certified simulation game trainers during the entire training course.

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