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About Us

BTI – established in 1997 in Stuttgart, Germany, has been a trusted partner in the professional teaching community.

Building on the “German Genes” of quality, creativity and reliability, we built a portfolio of tools and courses for the learning professional, for academic teaching, corporate training or professional learning! We focus on experimental learning based on simulation concepts.

With more than 20 experience in serving the professional teaching community, we aim to create better learning experiences for the student and assist the professional teacher with state-of-the-art tools and concepts. Ready to use! Guaranteed to do the job!

Why Are Simulation Games So Popular With Personnel Developers, Professors and Trainers?

Smart Decisions Are Not Based on Knowledge, but on Experience

Why: In reality, there is a big difference between theory and practice, between knowledge and skill!

The best knowledge and the longest training are of little use in practice if the necessary experience is missing.

Through simulation games, managers, employees, trainees and students learn in a very practical and playful way what makes a company successful.

Our Services

Not sure how to use simulation concepts in your curriculum or event? Elecctrify not exactly what you need? We have 25 years of experience working with simulations, that’s all our heart beats for.

Do not hesitate to tap into our knowledge base and find out how you can profit! Contact us for a free consultation.

Full-Service Teaching and Training Support for your Events

Elecctrify is the right tool for you, but you would like to have the teaching done by experienced professionals? No problem, we can provide the trainers and organize the event for you!

Train - The Trainer Courses

New to simulations? Not sure how this works? Building on 25 years of teaching experience with simulations, we get you jump-started in 3 hours!

Customization – Just for you!

Elecctrify is a great learning tool, but do you need something different? Different industry, changes to the terminology, new scenarios? We design and customize simulations as a paid service!

Your participants work digitally, collaboratively and from anywhere. You are additionally motivated by gamification elements and learn while having fun. All you need is an internet connection.

You can determine the duration of the training yourself. We recommend that the training is carried out either as a compact seminar (in 2-3 days) or as a modular seminar within a period of 1-2 months.

The seminar combines a variety of training elements: an intuitive web-based online simulation with interactive teamwork, theoretical input and, if desired, individual live coaching sessions.

Did You Know?

Smart Decisions Are Not Based on Knowledge, but on Experience

In addition to the online business game “Elecctrify”, BTI has developed over 100 business games on various topics in a wide variety of formats!

Simulations and business games are the method of choice when it comes to teach business acumen and to understand how a business is run. Whether a board-game style simulation based on the production process and the cash cycle, or consulting know-how in solution sales, team development or project management – BTI provides you with a solution for a wide variety of topics and learning objectives in the area of “management knowledge”.

Companies, trainers, universities, training institutes – BTI business games are used in many ways in many countries.

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