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Training That Really Helps Your Customers

As a Coach/Trainer or Reseller We Offer Additional Topics in Online Format for You to Generate Additional Income! – With Training That Really Helps Your Customers

Are you looking for professional concepts that will inspire your loyal customers during online lessons?

Would you like to continue to retain your carefully built customer base in times of virtual training and continue to generate additional recommendations?

With the online simulation game “Elecctrify” you have a tool for many target groups, which can be used immediately and without preparation. Whether an international management event with 100 participants or a workshop with 10 participants is pending, “Elecctrify” is modular and flexible in the languages German and English. Other languages are available upon request.

Great Benefits For You & Your Customers

  • No travel costs, extremely cost-effective!
  • Quick familiarization, in just 3h we will make you fit! Training experience and business administration knowledge make it easier to get started
  • You will continue to have a live conversation with the customer! “Elecctrify” will be accompanied by live webinars by you!
  • Attractive business model: low fees for participants and setup of the event, your training income remains with you! 

Become an Expert in Online Training! Stand Out From the Competition!

Do you know that? As a coach or trainer, it is often difficult to stand out among the large mass of providers today.

What if you had a unique selling point that distinguishes you from all other service providers?

Then you need an offer like “Elecctrify” that offers your customers an experience that they will not find anywhere else.

Get More Recommendations, Because Your Customers Are Enthusiastic About “Gamification”

Successful companies regularly invest in the qualification and retention of their managers and employees. And successful companies know that all employees work on the result every day.

And for successful companies, this is the starting point to become even more successful. Help your customers become even more successful!

With the online simulation game “Elecctrify” we have developed a smart solution. And you don’t even need extensive training for it.

We provide all documents and tools ready for you. You can implement our simulation game directly and generate additional income. Without investing in software or hardware.  With every event you earn money.


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All Advantages at a Glance

Training That Really Works

Our business simulations are not just another boring  theoretical seminar. They use a proven training concept and achieve noticeable changes in real life.

Increase in Motivation

Our simulation games motivate managers, employees, trainees and students in upcoming tasks. They enjoy success, become more efficient and satisfied.


Our simulation games can be specifically adapted to your learning objectives and teaching situation.

Flexible Use

Our online platform enables companies and universities to learn independently of time and location for many target groups. According to learning objectives and available time slots, “Elecctrify” can be carried out in one day or over an entire semester!

Teambuilding and Alignment

Learning together and communicating with each other creates a “sense of togetherness” and Promotes cohesion and alignment

1:1 Supervision

As an instructor, you will receive premium support from one of our certified simulation game trainers during the entire training course.

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