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Company/Personnel Developer/Instructor

What if There Was Training That Turned Employees Into Entrepreneurs?

As a personnel developer or manager, you have a very important task.

Because nothing has such a big impact on a company as the performance of its employees.

This makes it all the more important that your staff comes to work highly motivated and has a high level of professional competence. 

If you are looking for a training that delivers results?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you know how to do it, it's even better

Do you know that? You are looking for a training that really brings something… but many trainings, seminars and courses often have only a short-term effect?

You finally want a training where you can see a (measurable) effect? Where you feel that something is really happening?

Then you should choose a provider that not only provides your employees with theoretical knowledge but also shows how they apply this knowledge in day-to-day work situations!

This Is How Your Employees Become Entrepreneurs in the Company!

Are you wondering what you need to do to ensure that employees handle the money in the company in the same way as they do their own money?

Here’s the answer: Your employees should understand how the day-to-day work in the company turns into profit! So every employee knows how they can contribute better to the company’s success.

BTI’s simulation games and methods turn your employees into entrepreneurs who make faster and better decisions in everyday life.


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All Advantages at a Glance

Training That Really Works

Our business simulations are not just another boring  theoretical seminar. They use a proven training concept and achieve noticeable changes in real life.

Increase in Motivation

Our simulation games motivate managers, employees, trainees and students in upcoming tasks. They enjoy success, become more efficient and satisfied.


Our simulation games can be specifically adapted to your learning objectives and teaching situation.

Flexible Use

Our online platform enables companies and universities to learn independently of time and location for many target groups. According to learning objectives and available time slots, “Elecctrify” can be carried out in one day or over an entire semester!

Teambuilding and Alignment

Learning together and communicating with each other creates a “sense of togetherness” and Promotes cohesion and alignment

1:1 Supervision

As an instructor, you will receive premium support from one of our certified simulation game trainers during the entire training course.

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